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Devil in the Basement buy the book

The book can be ordered on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble, or through your local bookstore. The e-book can be ordered through Kindle. The release date for the book was March 14, 2018 which is exactly 127 years following the largest mass lynching in U.S. history — the lynching of Italian-Americans in New Orleans on March 14, 1891.

If you would like to order an autographed copy of the book for $20 flat fee (if shipped within the continental U.S.), please email with a query. If you would also like to receive an autographed copy of Charlotte’s memoir, Rebel in High Heels, please add an extra $20 flat fee (if shipped within the continental U.S.) to the other for a total of $40 for both books. 

Devil in the Basement doll an carving