…to the official website for Devil in the Basement by Charlotte Laws. The above links will take you to information about the book and its author. The release date was March 14, 2018. You can order copies of the book at Amazon or through your local bookstore.

The release date coincides with the largest mass lynching in U.S. history — 127 years to the day following the lynching of Italian-Americans in 1891.

This novel is based on a shocking true story about the author’s family. Below you will see the actual satanic doll from 1948 and the actual steps carved with the haunting words, “Hell’s Half Acre.” There are supplemental pictures on this website which provide you with further details about the real-life people and places as described in Devil in the Basement. You can also visit this website to view copies of the actual 1948 newspaper articles and to gather supplemental information about the real-life devil worshiper in this story.  

Enjoy the book!

Devil in the Basement satanic doll and carved steps

(Ernie Yost’s satanic doll on the left and the carved steps (Hell’s Half Acre) on the right. These photos appeared in the local paper on April 8, 1948 and are reprinted with the permission of the Times West Virginian)